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About us

Casamedia is a versatile information technology services corporation. We provide iot-hardware and software (firmware) development, internet solutions, billing systems, graphic design solutions, and challenging software development projects. Reliability and customer satisfaction is the starting point for everything we do.

Casamedia has been operating since 1990. Our long experience in the industry as well as a number of long-term customer relationships are our strengths, which enable us to help current and new customers in their needs. Extensive partner network will help us to carry out more extensive projects.


Casamedia produces high quality applications.


We manufacture special applications on order. We have made programming over 30 years and have used many platforms and programming languages. We have done programs to IOT-devices, desktop, mobile, web-backend and some other olso.

There are smaller projects related to data files, data transfer between softwares. We have also produced diffferent web applications.