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Our story



Entrepreneur Klaus Juhantalo's interest in information technology began in the elementary school's computer club, where he got to use Commodore Pet-4000 machines. The machines were controlled e.g. with the poke and peek commands, with which you could start e.g. the basic programming language from the shell. The first programs were then made with Basic.


The first personal computer was a Commodore 64, bought in Germany. At the time, the price of the machine was about FIM 2,000 cheaper than when bought in Finland. I was very happy when I got the machine. I spent a good amount of time studying German language manuals, as a little boy who didn't know a word of German. The first night I learned to format the disk "open 18,15,0:so-diskette-name,8,1".

The friends had different computers, which were also used and programs made for them. These included e.g. Sinclair zx81, Sinclair 48, Oric Atmos, Salora Fellow, Finnish Telmac TMC-600 microcomputer, Vic 20, C16 and C128. Some of the machines had a black and white screen, some had a different number of colors. However, everything was connected to the TV.


In 1983, Mikromessut was organized in Kankaanpää, which was the largest information technology fair of its time. The trade fair was the first place where I was paid for computer work.


My first pc was a 286, with one megabyte of main memory, a 40 mb hard drive, a 1.2 mb floppy drive and a black and white Hercules precision graphics card. Windows 3.0 was running on the machine, swapping terribly.

The establishment of the company

I founded my company after leaving the army in 1991, at the same time I was studying at a vocational school to become an information technology mechanic.

During my studies, the company operated from home, in my own room. My first trade was the additional memory I sold for the Amiga 500 computer, which the moped boy came to pick up from the field when I was sometimes doing threshing work ;)

I started importing computer components from the Far East and sold the computers I assembled at a good margin, which at that time was still in the equipment.


The development of financial management software began in 1991, when a customer contacted us and wanted an invoicing program. After all, that was done and since then the software has expanded into a comprehensive financial management software package.


In 1992, I moved to rented premises at Kauppatori 5. Around the same time, I also started to offer sound reproduction services on a larger scale, which I had also enjoyed when I was younger. Large quantities of sound and light equipment were acquired, with which we organized youth discos and outdoor and restaurant gigs. There were also annual contracts for restaurants and dance venues.

The computers I used and the technologies they had

Commodore Pet 4000, Vic 20, C16, C64, C128, Amiga 1000, 2000, 500, 600 and 3000

MX-Machines, atari st

Ibm pc, 286, 386, 486, pentium, P2, P3, P4, Cyrix, AMD, AMD K6, K62, Athlon, Dual Core, I3,I5,I7

Apple II, Apple II clone, Macintosh 8,9,OSX, Imac, MAcbook Pro (intel/M1)

Almost all cpu sockets have gone through, ISA, VLB, PCI, PCI-X add-on card slots

Cassette drives, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, Serial ata, Raids... Tape drives, zips...

3D Printers, Cutting lasers, Plotters, cnc drill, paddles, drawing tablets...

Hacker magazine - (Hakkeri-lehti)

In the early 1990s, I published Hakkeri-lehti, a special information technology magazine, which was sold at a thousand newsstands and had its own subscriber base. The magazine was published for two years, but due to a nasty hard drive failure, the latest magazine was destroyed and there was no backup. The magazine had been made for more than a month, along with other works. The frustration was great, and the publication of the magazine was then limited to these eight issues that appeared. At that time, I learned folding, graphic design, the first barcode applications, etc.


In 1995, Casamedia bought the premises at Keskuskatu 9 and since then we have operated at our current address.

Sound reproduction services were a little less, the BBS or bulletin board Casabox developed and was quite a big factor in Finland's can list, after all, the can had three phone lines, 56k, and 1.5 GB of hard disk space (1.3 GB hard disk cost FIM 10,000 when I bought it, I don't remember the year, a Seagate scsi disk, full height). Casabox also had its own node network "Casanet"; it included 30 jars from all over Finland that polled the messages at night. At that time, qwk message packages were used, the data transfer protocols were initially y and x-modem, then z and s, which even allowed chatting during data transfer and could withstand data transfer errors.

As a single-line SuperBBS software, the 286 dos machine had to work with deskview multitasking software, which of course was not real multitasking. The OS/2 3 operating system brought multitasking and OS/2 Warp was already close to modern operating systems.


Programmin languages, ides, platforms etc I have used

Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Builder, Delphi, BZ, SuperBase, PHP, Simpol, Drupal, Visual Studio, Arduino ide, Unity, Android studio, Xcode, FLutter, Vscode...

Coded, i.e. programmed, software has become widespread with these. Financial management, marketing, data transfer, mobile applications, firmware, gsm, backup and other utilities. Special software has also been made, e.g. for the defense forces. Server backend solutions and software for iot devices.

Databases used

MySql, Postgres, Superbase, Firebase, Sqlitte...


Used appliccations Dos/win ;)

Teko, Word perfect 5.1, WP win, Word 2, 97, 2000

Lotus Smartsuite, Open Office, tekstieditorit

Pagemaker, Indesign, Qwark,

Photostyler, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Designer, Arts & Letters, Gimp

Purkkisoftat SuperBBS, Wildcat, BBBS


Ftp, Telnet, Mirc, p2p, etäkäyttö, backup, virusohjelmistot, palomuurit, haittaohjelmien poistot

Sata miljoonaa apuohjelmaa ja työkaluja, jos johonkin tarkoitukseen

Html, css, javascript, dhtml, imagemap työkaluja on myös tullut testailtua, mutta paras on perustekstieditori...


The operating systems I have used

DOS, Windows 2, 3.1X, 95, ME, NT 3, 3.5, 4, Win 2000, W2K, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, WIndows 10,

OS/2, OS/2 Warp, BeOs, OSX

Centos, Linux Slackware, Mandrake, Mandriva, Open Suse, SCO Unix sekä useat kokeillut distrot



Electronics / sound / light / video

I've dabbled in electronic work and built small-scale things, designed circuit boards while etching

Light and sound reproduction devices have become familiar since I was a little boy making recordings with a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Professional sound and lighting equipment became familiar in various DJ and sound production jobs. Co. devices have sometimes also had to be repaired. Sound reproduction and lighting systems for restaurants have been built.

Various video devices have been familiar for years, both through use and repair. I edited the first video with analog Betamax equipment, using Amiga genlock in other places as effects. From Vhssa to Svhsa, to digital video (DV) and then to fullhd systems. Videos have been shot, edited and published both on DVD and online.

Hardware projects

Handheld barcode software, orders, warehouse, inventory, pos

Tec cash register, programming of the additional screen, controls the texts that go to the screen via the serial port

Connecting the temperature sensor to the computer and logging its data. The SMS text message system controls GSM phones or GSM modems

Use of Raspberry, Arduino, Esp8266, Esp32 and other platforms.

Circuit board design, 3D modeling, hardware and case design, production/manufacturing and assembly.

Development of Iot devices and software, sensor data collection and visualization, measurement. 

Homepages - Websites

A dear child has many names. I started making websites in the 90s with html/php/mysql technologies. Nowadays, we mainly make websites with content management systems (CMS), of which I mainly use Drupal and Wordpress. Modx, Joomla, CMS Made Simple, etc. have also been used. As well as several customized, forum software, flat file systems, etc.

Graphic design, photography, image processing

I have received genes for the graphic side from mother's milk. Since I was little, I have been drawing and from time to time I have been involved in various art events. I had my first camera when I was maybe 10 years old, a film-era paperback, if you can call it that. After several different film and digital cameras, I then switched to a professional-level system camera.


I took a graphic communication course in the early 90s at Kankaanpää Art School. There I learned the basics of image processing, folding, etc. The work teaches its creator.

With 3D printing, patterns have become modeling, for example device cases of prototypes, etc. 3D models.

The present moment

Everything I do requires me to constantly learn new things. You learn new things by doing new projects. A lot of know-how and experience has been accumulated over the years with various issues, clients, stakeholders and technologies. On this basis, we are able to respond to the wishes, requests and challenges presented to us by our customers.

What would you need? How we can help?