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Software development

software development


We offer high-quality software development services to our business customers, especially for programming mobile and desktop applications, IoT devices and web applications. We use the latest technology and an efficient process to ensure you get the app, device or website you need on time and on budget. Contact us and tell us about your needs, we will be happy to help you find a solution.


We have produced software for both business and consumer customers.

We do application development for several different platforms, such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and the device-based iot platform.

The software we develop for companies, such as Billcen, has been developed over the years by listening to customers' needs.

Our BillCen software has customers all over Finland from various industries. Superkokki recipe software is once again proof of our ability to produce software for large masses.

In our opinion, the basic pillars of all our software production are the following:

Ease of deployment

  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Immediately in production use
  • Tailored training according to usage needs
  • The software is quick to learn for the user


  • The user interface of the software is logical
  • The software advises the user


  • The customer can influence the operation of the software himself
  • Changes can be made to the software according to the customer's needs


  • The software produces correct information
  • Critical information is not lost
  • The software is reliable